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“Entering the awards was such a great experience for us. The virtual judging and ceremony was just as thrilling as if we had been there in person. We were impressed with the high calibre of the judges, and prior to the event, the organisers were so supportive with any questions we had.”

Dr Paul Phillips CBE, Principal, Weston College


This is your chance to compete for the Ultimate Accolade in CX at the European Customer Experience Awards 2021.

The European CXA® is brought to you by Awards International, which founded the Customer Experience Awards over ten years ago in the UK, and has progressed to host global events including the annual International CXA®.

Now the European CXA® aims to identify and celebrate the very best Customer Experience initiatives in the continent today - from London to Ljubljana, Madrid to Moscow, and Amsterdam to Istanbul.

If your business is implementing successful CX strategies, tell us about it and compete among Europe’s top businesses for the Ultimate Accolade - a European Customer Experience Award!

The European CXA® will be a LIVE Online event in 2021, and is part of the global CX movement, promoting excellence in Customer Experience.

CX is THE key brand differentiator and continues to transform relationships between companies and customers, resulting in superior service and renewed brand loyalty.

The European CXA® is for companies at any stage of their CX journey. From SMEs to large enterprises, there are categories to match your level of CX maturity.

The CXA® are the fairest and most rigorously judged CX awards events in the world, with each entry scrutinised thoroughly by an expert judging panel.

The CXA®, along with other Awards International events are proud holders of the Gold Standard Ethical Awards Trust Mark awarded by the Independent Awards Standards Council.

European CXA® winners will be entitled to automatic shortlisting for the International Customer Experience Awards, due to be held in Amsterdam in November 2021.

Have your Customer Experience initiatives honoured at the European CXA®, and you just might walk away with the Ultimate Accolade in global CX.

How to Enter

“Not only was the event entertaining, it also provided an excellent opportunity to learn about CX efforts in a wide range of activities from an interesting mix of organisations.”

Jan Rozendaal, Managing Consultant, Looyint

Awards Finals

Covid restrictions require the European CXA® to be a LIVE Online event for 2021, but the Awards International Dream Team will ensure the excitement of our world-class venue events continues.

The Dream Team has held a record-breaking eight LIVE Online awards events since the pandemic began.

Finalist presentations will take place during the day in online category rooms hosted by Awards International administrators, with 15-minute slots for presenting, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session with judges.

Many of the presentations will be open to allow online spectators the chance to hear of world-beating CX initiatives, and their journey to realisation.

Judges will also provide the Finalist teams in each of the 15 categories with valuable, detailed feedback on their CX strategies after the event.

The day will also feature online networking, allowing you to meet and mingle with peers from across the continent and expand your CX contacts.

Awards Experiece

“We heard great insights, presentations, and stories in our category. Many thanks to my fellow judges and a very special thanks to Ian Golding and the Awards International Dream Team for the amazing organizing.”

Laith Al-Alami, Trainer, Institute of Banking Studies - Jordan


The CXA® and other Awards International events are the fairest awards in the world, thanks to our judging panels who ensure each entry is thoroughly scrutinised before scores are issued.

  • At least 5 judges per category
  • Each entry scored at least 10 times
  • Entries scrutinised by independent judges for more than 7 hours

How to Enter

“What a fabulous experience this was, with so many CX professionals in one place! How can one leave without feeling even more motivated about putting customers at the heart of your business? The effort and passion in those presentations was outstanding.”

Emma Sutton, Senior Customer Director EMEA, Oracle


The European CXA® may be LIVE Online, but that doesn’t mean the networking opportunities that make venue CXA® events so rewarding can’t continue.

Our AwardsManager app will allow attendees to browse profiles of fellow delegates from across Europe and chat in online meeting rooms.

Networking meetings in 2021:

  • FEB 22

    Global CX Networking Meeting

  • APR 27

    Exclusive Networking Meeting

  • SEP 1

    Exclusive Post Event Networking Meeting


All CXA® judges apply for the privilege of joining our panel, which features world-class CX consultants, and CX Heads, CEOs, and other high-level representatives of some of Europe’s most customer focussed firms.

Together, the panels scrutinise written entries before shortlisting the finalists.

At the awards finals, teams will present to judges in their category, and face questions on the details of their CX strategies.

Do you have what it takes to be a European CXA® judge?

Why not apply today?

Awards International judges have reported a 100% satisfaction rate on their experience.

Judging panel members also have the opportunity to join The Judge Club - a unique non-profit organisation for Awards International judges to enjoy professional development opportunities.

Benefits include networking events, and outstanding resources including regular webinars held throughout the year.

Apply To Judge