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There are 25 categories this year, each of which celebrates a particular aspect of CX excellence.

They're divided into four main sections:

CX Classics: recognising the different aspects shaping a world-class CX strategy

Digital CX: a set of categories focused on achievements in the digital arena

Nightingale CX: categories focused on healthcare and vulnerable customers

CX Legends: accolades celebrating the essential role of leaders and teams in CX success

These categories are aligned with the categories for the International CXA®, our celebration of global CX excellence. Finalists at these Awards are automatically shortlisted for the International CX Awards, so there's an extra reason to apply!

And remember: the more categories you enter, the more you save. There are particularly good savings if you enter 3 categories or more.

CX Classics

Customers at the Heart of Everything™

This is one of our most popular categories, and with good reason! If an organisation really wants to excel at CX, it must place its customers at the heart of all its processes. Are your customers at the heart of what you do? How do you show that you cherish them? Show us and join the awards finalists!

Business Change and Transformation

The last year and a half has shown us the importance of adaptation, but also the need to introduce necessary changes and bring about business transformation. What actions have you taken to change/transform your business? Present your results and get in the race for an award in this category!

Customer Driven Business Change and Transformation

Customer Experience in the Crisis

This category is reserved for companies that have provided excellent customer experience during a crisis, with little to no negative impact on their work results. If you've managed to delight your customers during troubled times, this is the place to share your achievements with the judging panel!

Customer-Centric Culture

Company culture is what drives an organisation forward. It involves all the ways in which tasks are performed, how employees behave and treat each other, as well as the customers. This category is reserved for companies with a culture that is focused on the customers, one that helps treat customers best.

Best B2B CX Strategy

In essence, business-to-business is no different than business-to-consumer - both depend on people. If you want to succeed at B2B, you need a well-planned and carefully implemented CX strategy. Show us how you have created a winning strategy for achieving the best B2B results.

Best Use of Customer Insights & Feedback

An organisation won’t be able to improve and grow unless it listens to what its customers are saying. Very often, what customers say can make or break a business, which is why it’s crucial to use customer insights and feedback for growth and improvement. Show us how you have approachedthis invaluable aspect of CX.

Contact Centre

Contact centres are vital to the success of a company, because they allow you to assist your customers with whatever they need. Having a good contact centre also allows you to understand your customers much better and anticipate their needs. If you’re proud of your contact centre, apply for this category and get in the race!

Best Customer Service

Customer service refers to all the ways in which an organisation helps its customers along the buyer’s journey. Good customer service facilitates makes customers feel cherished and respected - and makes them want to buy! This category celebrates those businesses with the best customer service. Show your results to the judging panel!

Employee Experience in the Crisis

If a company wants to function well during times of crisis/ its employees need to have a fulfilling experience dealing with their daily tasks and potential challenges. This will ensure they don’t think about going elsewhere. In this category/ we will celebrate those organisations who have provided the best experience for their employees.

Best Digital Transformation: Sponsored by Tata Communications

Transitioning to digital is a business imperative in today's world. Implementing digital solutions can help you immensely/ but this is rarely an easy task. This is a category for those companies that have managed to perform the best digital transformation/ without a loss of customers or a decrease in revenue.

Best CX in Long-Term Care

Customer experience can have a great impact on healthcare, because people will feel better if they are treated as more than just patients. This is especially important for long-term care, which involves numerous daily activities and complex processes. Show us how you approach CX inlong-term care and win your spot at the Awards Finals.

Best CX in Maternity Planning

Maternity planning can be a very sensitive period for the people involved, and it’s important to provide them with best customer experience, to avoid any stress and anxiety. This category is reserved for those organisations that have outdone themselves in providing the best CX in maternity planning.

Digital CX

CX Team of the Year

Customer experience very often involves intricate processes, and numerous touchpoints along the way, which is why it’s important to have a good CX team to back you up. With a good team on board, an organisation is ready to face the hardest of challenges and surpass them. Show us why your team deserves to be recognised as the CX Team of the Year.

Winners 2022